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Sapphire Setup and Configuration

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Your Welcome Email contains important information about setting up and logging in – please save it!  This should be your first video. It walks you through the Setup Wizard for getting your new Sapphire Eyes up and running quickly.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are targets for good Wi-Fi performance. Once set, Sapphire Eyes continually benchmark Wi-Fi performance against these targets and provide you with a percentage of compliance. SLA compliance thresholds also trigger when key performance indicators turn yellow, orange, or red on the Single SLA report in the Analyzer.

Get Wi-Fi performance reports emailed to you and your team every day or every week. Choose locations, service areas, networks, and bands. Sapphire Cloud customers will use our cloud SMTP server for emailing, which requires setup help from 7SIGNAL Support. Automated report output is also linked to your SLA definitions, so be sure to watch the ‘Defining Your Service Level Agreements’ video above.

SLA definitions set targets for good Wi-Fi performance and provide you with a percentage of compliance. Automated alarms are separate, and trigger an email notification when certain conditions that you configure are met.  7SIGNAL also provides SMTP traps and webhooks for integrations with others systems.

You may want to move a Sapphire Eye to a new location and start Wi-Fi performance testing. Follow these steps to master this important skill.