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Data Format

JSON Document Layout

The data file contains JSON documents which represent the processed measurements. This data comes directly from the backend data store. Each line is a separate document, but the file itself is not a JSON document. In other words, each line (newline terminated – Unix format) is a JSON document but the measurements are not wrapped in a parent JSON document. The file, as a whole, cannot be processed as JSON.

The JSON document consists of the following main sections:


In the tables below, elements which are missing are always null or carry no useful data.

name The short organization code used by 7SIGNAL

Access Point

ssid The name of the network during test
bssid The radio MAC address attached to during the test
band The band used by the access point, either 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz
defindLocationId Internal ID of the location where this access point resides


id Internal ID
uniqueid The device’s unique identifier, as supplied by the OS
name The machine name
manufacturer The manufacturer of the device
model The model of the device
platform The platform or OS
version The version of the platform or OS
driverProvider The reported provider of the WLAN driver
driverVersion The reported version of the WLAN driver


testType The type of test being performed
channel The WLAN channel being used during test (may contain channel bonding information)
signalStrength The signal strength recorded when testing
frequency The WLAN frequency being used during test
ipAddress The IP Address of the device during test
gatewayAddress The IP gateway of the device during test
mcs The MCS index in use during test (may be null)
txRate The transmission rate being used during test
noise The noise level during test
timestamp The time the test was taken
location The latitude and longitude of the test if available
stickyFactor The delta signal strength between the access point and best alternate
stickyFactor2 The stickyFactor with a threshold offset value applied
bestAlternativeSignalStrength The signal strength of the closest, alternate access point
definedLocationId Internal ID of the location where this access point resides

Sample (ping_ip_test_results)

successRate The percentage of successful ping transmissions
rttAvg The average round trip time for the ping packets received
target The IP or hostname being tested

Sample (http_download_test_results/http_upload_test_results)

rateAvg The average test rate in kilobits per second
target The IP or hostname being tested

Sample (www_test_results)

wwwDurationAvg The amount of time to complete the request for the page
wwwSuccessRate The success rate requesting the content
target The IP or hostname being tested

Sample (mos_test_results_ul/mos_test_results_dl)

mos The MOS (mean opinion score) for the test
jitter The jitter measurement during the test
packetLoss The packet loss occurring during the test
target The IP or hostname being tested

Sample JSON Document


   “submissionId”: “b1f4c4f5-1833-4081-96e2-5c1221a62d86”,

   “organization”: {
     “name”: “globalcorp”
   “accessPoint”: {
     “band”: “5GHz”,
     “ssid”: “7sCORP”,
     “bssid”: “e4:15:e3:55:48:b4”,
     “name”: “MeetingRoom_3”,
     “definedLocationId”: “eb804e07-3888-4515-9719-f46ed7dc4234”
   “device”: {
     “uniqueId”: “0af00e4c53cbd647abde47dfcce8ed0dd6b5ca6cdaefdf99e9609c4b21b96ed9”,
     “id”: “0af00e4c53cbd647abde47dfcce8ed0dd6b5ca6cdaefdf99e9609c4b21b96ed9”,
     “name”: “macbook-pro.localdomain”,
     “platform”: “macos”,
     “manufacturer”: “Apple”,
     “model”: “MacBookPro15,1”,
     “driverProvider”: “CoreWLAN – AirPort Extreme  (0x14E4, 0x7BF)”,
     “driverVersion”: “13.0 (1370.8)”,
     “version”: “10.14.3”
   “sample”: {
     “testType”: “mos_test_results_ul”,
     “signalStrength”: -72,
     “mcs”: 0,
     “txRate”: 364,
     “noise”: -94,
     “target”: “”,
     “mos”: 3.145,
     “jitter”: 0,
     “packetLoss”: 0.01,
     “ipAddress”: “”,
     “gatewayAddress”: “”,
     “channel”: “132,1”,
     “frequency”: 5660,
     “timestamp”: 1554225526815,
     “definedLocationId”: “fc804e07-3888-4515-9719-f46ed7dc4234”,
     “bestAlternativeSignalStrength”: -51,
     “stickyFactor”: 21,
     “stickyFactor2”: 14,
     “location”: {
       “lat”: 28.419459,
       “lon”: -81.581131
   “id”: “33c5eb0797c538013447cd5871a7a74545c97ed9f336491bb5dfd8ff6264cf02”