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GDPR Shared Device Confirmation

Currently, 7SIGNAL’s Mobile Eye is not intended to and does not collect data on personal devices in GDPR countries. 7SIGNAL does not offer licenses for Mobile Eye deployment onto personal devices; as a result Mobile Eye is not deployed on corporate devices assigned to a specific person or individually owned devices, and is only deployed on multi-user devices.

Accordingly, 7SIGNAL does not process personally identifiable information shared devices, which are corporate devices that are not assigned to an individual person but are assigned to an area or workstation shared by a group of people. To use our product for “shared devices”, the “Data Controller” must confirm that the 7SIGNAL Mobile Eye will only be deployed to “shared devices”. In addition, the “Data Controller” on behalf of the End User Customer using the 7SIGNAL Mobile Eye must indemnify 7SIGNAL from and against any claim arising from non-shared device deployment.

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