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Getting Started with Mobile Eye

  1.  Mobile Eye needs Internet access. Please make sure the ports, protocols and links in the table below are available or whitelisted.
Ports 80, 443, and 50000 to 50300 for VoIP testing
URLs (IP addresses not provided because they periodically cycle)    (SPA user interface)   (Obtain OAuth token)      (Obtain config, submit results)   (Auto software update)
  1. You will receive a ‘Welcome to Mobile Eye’ email from 7SIGNAL Support
  2. It contains your 7SIGNAL Organization ID (very important)
  3. It also includes instructions for logging into EyeQ and downloading your software – please check your Junk folder if you don’t receive it
  4. Login uses SSO with a Microsoft or Google account, or request a 7SIGNAL account
  5. Get the Sonar endpoint installed on your network to perform throughput and voice quality testing
  6. The onboarding process includes all of the following steps…