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Mobile Eye for Mini PC

When you purchase your mini pc from 7SIGNAL’s partner, Azulle Technology, request the pre-installed 7SIGNAL software profile, which includes the following:

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Any mini pc you purchase, regardless of vendor, must have Windows 10 Enterprise and a minimum 2GB of RAM with 32GB of storage.

Azulle Access 3 Fanless Mini PC Stick

If you do not have a mouse/monitor/keyboard handy, it’s okay. The Azulle mini pc has been preconfigured so that you can plug it into your Ethernet network and access it remotely from your computer on the same network.

Getting Started with Azulle Mini PC

Get Mini PC on Your Network

Configure Mini PC

Get Mini PC on Your Wi-Fi Network

After about 5 to 10 minutes, you should be able to log into Mobile Eye and see the device reporting Wi-Fi performance data.

Configure Mini PC to Join Other Wi-Fi Networks

Your pc has joined many networks and now you want your mini pc to join those networks too. These steps teach you how to export Wi-Fi network profiles stored on your computer and import those profiles to your mini pc so that it can join automatically when it detects them.

Moving Mini PC

Helpful Links

Configure Azulle mini pc to automatically restart if power is lost