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Getting Started with Sapphire Cloud

Sapphire Cloud customers enjoy the following benefits…


First, get your IT Security team involved. These protocols and ports are required.

Source IP/MaskDestination IP/MaskProtocol/PortComments
Eye Ethernet IP Addr/32redirector.7signal.comTCP/UDP 53Eye DNS Authentication
Eye Ethernet IP Addr/32Carat IP Addr/32TCP/7799Management
Eye Ethernet IP Addr/32Carat IP Addr/32TCP/7800Eye Authentication
Eye Ethernet IP Addr/32Sonar IP Addr/32UDP/9999, 50000- 50299Active Tests
Secure Syslog108.166.5.195TCP/6514Management


Plan out the placement and positioning of your Sapphire Eyes.


Mounting and installing your new Sapphire Eyes is easy. Click here for step-by-step instructions.


Additional documentation and reference guides may be found here.


Below are all the steps of the onboarding process…

Sapphire On-Premise

If you choose to stand up your own 7SIGNAL server, then we require you have a Linux Administrator on-staff who will be responsible for the following…